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5 Coffee Table Ideas for Your Living Room

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5 Coffee Table Ideas for Your Living Room


What is a Coffee Table exactly? Why call it a coffee table if we don’t only put coffee on it? In fact, at any given time, you can probably find all kinds of other drinks, magazines, remotes, and in Malaysia, probably an assortment of Raya snacks and cookies. We find the coffee table in the living room. It is usually a long, low table placed alongside a sofa or other seating arrangement.

In actuality, the design of the coffee table is said to be derived from the tea table, a smaller, rounder table where a tea service can be offered to guests as far back as 17th Century Europe. The coffee table is said to have followed a similar rise in popularity amongst coffee drinkers in 1920s America. Today, the coffee table is pretty much a staple in any living room or sitting room.

Check out some of Fella Design’s coffee tables, perfectly suited for Malaysian living room!

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console coffee table

1. Masculine and Industrial

Coffee Tables are usually symmetrical pieces of furniture, meant to be central furniture pieces to support a surrounding seating arrangement of sofas in a living room. The Starmore Rectangular Coffee Table is a unique one, because it is asymmetrical, being more suited to be a front display than a centre display. Blended beautifully with acacia wood and finished with an oiled walnut tone, it is also paired with a sleek, tubular frame and an imposing first impression, making the Starmore Rectangular Coffee Table a favourite for fans of urban industrial design.


classy coffee table

2. Graceful and Elegant

Depending on the look you’re going for, there are certainly very feminine, graceful and delicate furniture designs that you can employ in your living room. Curves are especially feminine, and the Coralayne Coffee Table is a testimony to that. The exquisite swan necks of the frame and sublime metallic finish provides an elegant touch for any living room with a sensuous design philosophy.


square coffee table

3. Austere and Spartan

From the Starmore series comes another furniture piece that will get the urban industrial design enthusiasts excited. This is the Starmore Square Coffee Table, a smaller coffee table than the Starmore Rectangular, for sure. Although lacking in obvious size and masculinity, it is still very serious, bold, austere and severe. This is because it shares a very similar design philosophy to the Chabudai, a very low, utilitarian Japanese table. Afterall, Japan is famous for it’s low tables, futons and tatamis. Include this into your living room for a sparse, minimalist look.


lift top coffee table

4. Earthy and Functional

A popular variation to the traditional coffee table design involves including practical elements as an essential feature. Some coffee tables are designed to have compartments and storage space to include books or even additional pillows or blankets for living room guests! The Tamonie Coffee Table comes designed like a trunk or chest, with a earthy, rustic, farmhouse feel. The lift top feature is smooth and casted for easy movement, creating an additional dimension of utility for the coffee table.


solid coffee table

5. Taciturn and Reserved

With an interesting array of storage space, the Windville Coffee Table provides a richly rustic and serious additional to your living room. With dual side trays to expand surface space and smooth-gliding drawers to keep things clutter free, the Windville Coffee Table can be good for a family of readers. It’s distinctive mango veneer, angled braced sides and the antiqued brass-tone on it’s handles makes for a delightful vintage charm.


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