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8 Modern Living Room Designs in Malaysia!

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8 Modern Living Room Designs in Malaysia!


There are so many ways to approach living room design, from the size and shape of the room, and the materials and elements through which it is given an identity, to the many different furniture pieces you can use to populate the space, and thus make it relate to humans and human activities. We cannot speak for the tile layers, the wall painters or the window installers, but we can speak as interior designers and furniture experts. Check out these 8 modern living room designs that is brought together by artfully selected sofa sets!


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1. Wood is Good

Wooden textures and materials are one of the most popular elements with which to approach your living room design. To be sure, wood can be introduced into the living room to a more or less degree. While the living room in the above example doesn’t hold a candle in its employment of wood compared to say, a Balinese living room, it still attempts to express its aesthetic in terms of wooden textures or materials, and it accomplishes this with subtle success. The exposed wood of the coffee table, the display shelf, clock, and table lamp is complemented by the brown hue of the sofa fabric. You can never go wrong with wood!


living room color

2. Go Wild With Colors

It’s important to remember that the basic interior design rule of color accents is the most basic game there is to play. It works because its simple, but it isn’t the only interior design philosophy that works. The rule can be stretched to include other base colors, other accent colors and other colors to modulate or enhance the setting. The colors can be extended to include not only the vital furniture pieces the sofa, the armchair or the coffee table— but other elements like accessories as well! Think of your total living room like an artist’s canvas; a space upon which you as it’s designer can freely realize your vision!


modern living room

3. Bold, Modern Lines

In the past, furniture and interior design tended to display ornate, graceful, curving profiles and more complex embellishment and ornamentation. This is particularly true in Europe, but it is no less accurate when used to describe the interior design philosophies of any non-Western culture that developed independently. Today however, we see that modern living rooms are starting to sport bolder, straighter outlines. Sofas are lower and broader, less ornate and more minimalistic. Occasionals that are squarer, more boxy and therefore more imposing and masculine are making their appearance in living rooms everywhere. In the example above, even the paintings add to the atmosphere of severe lines, planes and angles that come together to create an element of modernity in the living space.


living room plants

4. Get Your Plant On

Not all of us are born with green fingers, but for those of us who are, indoor plants, succulents and air plants are endless sources of inspiration and aesthetic appreciation. Thankfully, there is a way that those with green fingers can manifest their love for plant keeping: through interior design and the decoration of your living space! In the above example, fabrics of a soothing, organic green, alongside patterns of foliage, come together to complement natural wooden textures and the lovely green of indoor plants. So what are you waiting for, get your plant on!


living room color

5. Colors in Pairs

Instead of choosing a color accent, another thing self-made interior designers can do is to choose out color pairs when selecting furniture for your living room. It is definitely a step up in terms of difficulty from merely dealing with color accents, partly because choosing color pairs can involve so many different colors. But the results are sure to be worth it. In this above example, put together by Fella Design’s talented designers, you can pick out almost four meticulously selected color pairs: the soft grey of the Chesterfield sofa, the carpet, and the hanging throw; the wonderfully playful white and earthen patternwork on the background blind and the sofa cushions; the organic element of the wooden coffee table and wooden sofa legs; and finally the ebony silhouettes of the table lamp and coat hanger. As you can see, colors in pairs, although difficult, can result in wonderfully harmonious living spaces!


white living room

6. The Magic of Windows

In modern design philosophy, the impression of air and space is very important. In the sitting rooms and drawing rooms of 17th, 18th and 19th Century Europe, the atmosphere was very private, sometimes almost suffocatingly so. In modern day Malaysia, with so much sun available to us everyday, things are different. We now opt for larger living spaces and higher ceiling. Even if you have a small living room, it isn’t very difficult to follow some basic modern rules. Large windows are a great way to make your living room seem visually bigger than its actual size, invite natural light into the space, and make everything seem more airy and spacious!


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7. The Accent Game

One of the most basic rules of interior design philosophy is the color accent. The rule has a very simple premise: the living space should be manifested in two or three plain base colors, complemented with a single patterned or embroidered accent color. In the above example, the base colors are very obviously shades of light brown and beige. The exposed wood that make up the coffee table, console table, side table, table lamp and armchair legs contribute to these brown and beige base colors. We can see that the accent color, which is present on the back of the armchairs and sofa cushions, is then contrasted and subsequently brought forth by the base colors, creating a kind of harmony in the aesthetic of the living room. The color accent is a very simple rule to follow and a fantastic device to employ when designing your own living room!


living room sofas

8. Flavors of the Orient

Sometimes, an easier way to approach living room design is to mimic an existing style. While there are a myriad of Western and modern styles already very much in fashion, there is a whole host of Oriental styles that aren’t fully appreciated. Popular ones include the earthy Balinese traditions and the minimalist Japanese aesthetics, but there are many more between the lines that just don’t reach the mainstream! Just to give an example, Chinese porcelain has a beautiful, fragile aesthetic that doesn’t belong only on porcelain! It is an aesthetic that can also be expressed through furniture and interior design! Remember, if you are ever in need of living room ideas, look at your own roots!


There are certainly many ways to decorate your living room. Our suggestion are by no means the best ones out there. Oftentimes, following your own design sense and a few simple interior design rules can create surprising results. Complement your search for living room design ideas by reading our 10 Tip Guide to Choosing Your Living Room Sofa!