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8 Ways To Set The Dining Table At Your Wedding!

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8 Ways To Set The Dining Table At Your Wedding!

8 Ways To Set The Dining Table At Your Wedding!


Weddings are one of the most important moments of our lives! It isn’t a surprise that most of us want our weddings to be perfect in every way. From the dress to the reception, decoration and food, nothing should be out of place!

In recent times, it has become fashionable to decorate the dining tables for your guests. There are all sorts of creative ways to shake things up and do something different. Check out these amazing dining table decor ideas and get inspired for your wedding today!


1. Beach Theme

beach weddingbeach weddingbeach wedding

Ocean / Coastal / Beach Theme

Being in Malaysia, beach weddings are always a possibility. Beach weddings are perfect for people who want something casual, relaxed and filled with good vibes! There are many ways to express a fun-loving ocean theme in dining table decor. Through materials like driftwood, rattan, coral and seashells, you can create a bright atmosphere, especially using colors like strong blues (not pastel), brown and white. With beach themes, the most important thing to remember is how to position your blue accents! A blue table runner, blue candle holders and cups help bring out the ocean in your decorations!


2. Green and Gold

wedding table decorwedding table decorwedding table decor

Green and Gold Theme

Its surprising how well green and gold go together. Pair table plants with golden cutlery and plates, and viola! You get a fresh, vibrant and glamorous dining table setting just like that! Other elements that go well with this theme are glass are wooden textures. Add a little bit of creativity in plating, table and menu decoration, and you have a perfect dining table setting for your wedding! This green and gold theme is perfect for jungle or forest theme weddings too!


3. Succulent Dining Table Centrepiece

succulent decorsucculent decorsucculent decor

Succulents as your wedding dining table centrepiece!

All wedding dining tables need a fancy centrepiece. Sometimes, too much broadleaf plants as decoration can be a little boring. Presenting succulents! These plants, so called because of the thick, fleshy leaves, are delightful little things that can be very beautiful when arranged carefully. Often paired together with various cacti, moss and air plants, succulents are a perfect alternative to regular plants. When arranged together with textures like driftwood, stone and even rose gold and copper, succulents are fantastic dining table centrepieces!


4. Tropical

tropical weddingtropical weddingtropical wedding

Tropical Theme

The tropical aesthetic is all the rage nowadays! Its appearing on cushions, rugs, tapestries, caps and shirts, so why not on the dining table of your wedding! It certainly is convenient that Malaysia is a tropical country, so finding fresh tropical leaves aren’t going to be a problem. Banana, palm, monstera, take your pick! Pair the tropical aesthetic with bright metal, wood and and lots of sunlight, and you get a wonderfully bright and lively tropical wedding!


5. Winter Theme

winter weddingwinter weddingwinter wedding

Deep colors, fragile glass and dainty candles achieve the winter look!

While there is a version of winter decoration that can be warm and cosy, there’s another style of winter decoration that can be classy and formal. Both styles can be adapted to set your wedding dining tables. Here however, we take the classy and formal example. With a combination of pastel and deep colors, hearty wood, fragile glass and dainty candles, a delicate winter theme can be achieved. If you’re going to include plants in this setting, make sure they are coniferous plants with needle leaves! Deep reds like berries or mistletoe will work wonders for this setting too!


6. Fruits and Vegetables

fruit platterfruit patterfruit platter

Lay out a verdant spread of fruit and vegetables for your wedding guests!

For health lovers, fitness freaks and gym buffs! Load up your wedding guest dining tables with a verdant platter of fruit and vegetables because why not! Perfect for afternoon garden weddings. If your guests are not too keen on having all that healthy food, add onto the platter with cheese, bread and prosciutto! Pair the colorful food with simple cutlery, tall fluted glasses of juice, baskets and wooden trays for the perfect wedding dining table!


7. Indian Aesthetics

indian weddingindian weddingindian wedding

Indian colors and embroidery

Indian weddings also are known to be lavish and beautiful affairs with colorful lights and flowers. While Indian furniture has a strong emphasis on wood, there are other aspects of Indian decor that has an appreciation for rich colors and embroidery! Take the examples above. Take note of the embroidery on the upside-down parasols, the vividness of the yellow flowers and the enchanting colors of the candle holders. All of these come together to create a rich atmosphere, perfect elements to decorate a wedding dining table!


8. Fairy Lights

fairy weddingfairy weddingfairy wedding

Magical fairy wedding brought together with fairy lights and candles!

A favourite when it comes to weddings is the enchanting, magical atmosphere created by fairy lights and candles. To achieve anything close to the magic of the above examples, there must be a lot, and we mean a lot, of fairy lights and candles. You can use moss, glass and wood as materials to complement this setting. Of course, it doesn’t have to be said that this kind of dining table setting is suitable for night-time garden weddings.



There are so many ways to decorate dining tables, and we hope we’ve given you some inspiration on what to do for your wedding! Start planning today!