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Ten Bedroom Life Hacks


Ten Bedroom Life Hacks


There are many “Life hack” videos and articles out on the internet. They can be pretty useful in assisting you when completing menial chores or when you lack specific tools to complete a task. Since we spend most of our time in our bedroom, it makes sense that keeping it organized and clean will improve our daily environment. So, is your floor littered with laundry? Don’t have enough space in your wardrobe? Can’t fit another wardrobe in your bedroom? Well it’s time to level up your bedroom by giving it a makeover!

There are plenty of life hacks out there regarding various things from bathroom cleaning to kitchen cooking. Fortunately, the bedroom, too has plenty of simple everyday hacks which can easily be utilized to increase space and storage, or manage and organize it to make it look clean and neat. Today we will provide you with a quick checklist of bedroom life hacks that will help you keep your bedroom spotless and tidy!



storage bed

A bedframe with drawers to help increase storage space for small bedrooms.



1. Storage Beds

When you’re stumbling over and knocking yourself on the corners of things in your bedroom, it is a usually a sign that it’s too full. Bed frames with drawers underneath them are a great way to overcome such problems. As the space under the bed is one in our room that is rarely ever used, turning it into a storage space will allow you to put away unused things or increase your wardrobe capacity.



foldable tablefoldable table

A foldable desk that can be collapsed when not in use.



2. Foldable Desk

If your work only requires a small desk to place your laptop, for example, do consider getting a foldable desk. It would cost something like RM200, and if you’re handy with tools you can even make a simple one with a few raw materials, hinges and screws! The best part about having a foldable desk is that you can put it away whenever you’re not using it so as to increase bedroom space to make it feel less claustrophobic. This is perfect for rooms that focus on minimalistic design as well!



cable management

Paper clips and little Lego men help with cable management!



3. Cable Management

We all have those frustrating moments when we realize the various cables we use are hopelessly tangled whenever we want to use them. When your cables are all over the floor, when you have too many different charger cables and when you are about to explode when entangling them, here are a few simple methods to keep them neat and easily accessible! Whether you decide to use paper clips or some old Lego pieces as makeshift cable holders, they are both super affordable and creative methods to keeping your cables from being tangled!



drawer dividerdrawer divider

Dividing drawers into segments help organize and keep drawers neat.



4. Drawer Dividers

Having trouble looking for something in your drawer? Can’t find your favorite tie or belt? Chances are you require some drawer management to help organize yourself. Segmenting your drawer is one of the easiest organizing methods. It allows you to keep items from getting mixed up and lets you pick things out with a simple glance. These dividers can come in many forms, ranging from something classy like the transparent plastic dividers shown above, or something as simple as a bunch of cardboard strips. With some patience, and 30 minutes of time, this hack will save you so much frustration! Try it today!



floating shelf

Floating shelves provide a display and storage space without the need for an actual bookcase.



5. Floating Shelves

The space nearest to your ceiling is often the most empty space in your bedroom. We hardly put anything up there, and sometimes this can be a bit of a waste. As a storage tip, interior designers usually advise to utilize all available space we can get our hands on. Installing floating shelves is one such way to make full use of this space. Depending on the type of floating shelf installed, you can place items such as books, plants, photos or even folded clothes. Where you places these item require some simple planning. Some decoratives or photos may be placed on higher shelves as they are less used most of the time. The lower shelves can be used to store books, clothing and plants for easy reach and maintenance. Cheap and functional floating shelves can be bought from your nearest IKEA for very reasonable prices! They are extremely easy to install too!



wall mounts

Wall mounts transform less used wall space into storage and display spaces.



6. Wall Mounts

Similar to floating shelves, wall mounts can take the form of anything from a shelf or to a hanging rack as shown above. It gives you the flexibility to choose what you would like to place on your wall: your everyday bag and jacket for easy accessibility, for example. Wall mounts don’t only function as a storage space, it can also be used as a display space for your hat and cap collection. The ladies can even DIY delicate wall mounts to hang jewelry or earrings! There are plenty of such examples online!



7. Behind Your Bedroom Door

Like the space under your bed, the space behind your door is also one of those underused spaces that can always be more efficiently utilized. Because the space behind your door is often obscured from view and revealed only when the door is closed, it is a very versatile space that can be used to store many things, especially those that are unpleasant to be seen lying around. That’s right, we’re talking dirty laundry. There are many different ways to do this, with the simplest being those double-sided tape plastic hooks sold in nearly any convenience store. You can attach a laundry bag to it to throw your laundry into. Another option would be to install some cheap PVC tubes behind your door to hang your towel to dry. Instructions for these simple-to-make DIY projects can be found with a simple search on YouTube!



diy clothes hanger

A clever use of shower curtain rings to multiply existing storage space.



8. DIY Clothes Hanger

When your wardrobe is filled to the brim and you require more space, a simple DIY solution is to use shower curtains rings and placing them on hangers. This allows one hanger to accommodate multiple smaller items. Scarves, belts, ties and underwear can now hang in neat rows alongside your clothes without being folded and strewn all over your bedroom!



diy plants

Used milk bottles made into storage space, which also doubles as an environmental friendly initiative!



9. Upcycle

The recent trend of recycling and green movements has sparked many ingenious ideas to reuse items. One such idea is the upcycling of old plastic milk bottles. Just by cutting them and hanging them on a railing, it can be used as storage for everyday use items such as socks or stationary. Not only does this method help save the environment, it also helps organize and store everyday necessities so that they are more accessible and convenient.



storage bed

Footboard storage turns the end of your bed into storage space.



10. Headboards and Footboards

The headboard is the space and back rest behind where you would commonly rest your head on the bed. The space on top of this board, however, is generally empty. If your headboard has sufficient space, you can incorporate it into a storage space by turning this space into a bookshelf to store your favorite books. Footboards, on the other hand, is the space at the end of your bed. Usually, bed footboards are generally featureless. You can, however, turn the bottom part into another storage area as well, either by adding baskets or spending some money and time on materials to DIY a simple shelf to store bed sheets and linens.



At the end of the day, human creativity is nearly limitless! Every now and then, we come across a problem that hinders our activities and needs, but we always come out on top. Whether it is something as momentous as an impending world crisis or something as trivial as insufficient bedroom space, the same faculty of human ingenuity always has a solution to the problem. If you require more tips on how to improve your bedroom space due to the lack of storage spaces, check out our “Top 5 Tips for Decorating Small Bedrooms”!