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What is Urban Culture?

What is Urban Culture?


As our cities get more and more populated, we find ourselves becoming more and more a part of the urban subtopia. Buildings rise up around us, people multiply themselves and fill the streets, cars and motorcycles clog up the roads. In our houses, clutter becomes the norm.  Knick-knacks, tourist souvenirs and all manner of pointless plastic fill our spaces. Our homes are packed with junk from the Age of the Consumer, and we need a way out. We need a way out of plastic, steel and glass.

Urban Culture was created as an answer to the confusion of modern life. For too long, the West had a monopoly on how we built our living spaces and our homes. It is time we returned back to our roots; to the sophistication and naturalism of the East.

Whether it’s coming home to a minimalist bedroom crafted with the simplest of natural materials, or hosting guests in a vibrant, colorful living room filled with the cultured touch of Oriental traditions, the aim is to build a home that is alive. Employing the highest styles of both East and West, Urban Culture elevates home living to an art of living through emphasizing functionality, simplicity, naturalism and aesthetic beauty.

Encompassing rustic, mid-century, oriental, contemporary and even modern styles, while utilizing both local products and specialized exotic products imported from countries like Indonesia and India, Urban Culture reimagines what it means to have a living space. Take back your lives, revolutionize your home!

Find out more about us at: https://www.facebook.com/UrbanCultureFurniture/