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4 Perfect Living Room Furniture Pieces


4 Perfect Living Room Furniture Pieces

Living Room Furniture

A creative living room is determined by the various pieces of living room furniture that make up it’s entire expression. The space, although important, remains secondary to the furniture when it comes to appraising it’s creativity. In Malaysia, as in other countries, the staple pieces of living room furniture are the sofa and the coffee table. But if one wants to be more decorative, what other types of furniture would be appropriate in the creative designing of a living room?

Check out four of our suggestions below! Without a doubt, there are many kinds of furniture pieces that can be suitable for a living room beyond our four suggestions. Head to our product page to find out more!


accent chair

1. Accent Chair

Unlike 1-seaters and recliners, an accent chair plays a very particular role in the living room (an accent chair could be an armchair or a wingchair). An accent chair is meant to bring out a particular aesthetic quality in a harmonious living room. This is the distinctive factor of accent chairs compared to 1-seaters or recliners. A well selected accent chair can lift the atmosphere of the entire living room.


end table

2. End Table

A very important element of living room atmosphere is lighting, and should your living room make use of a delicately arranged series of table lamps, an end table might be invaluable in providing supports to your lighting arrangement. Even on it’s own, an end table can be an elegant solution to mask the broad, featureless sides of a sofa.


accent cabinet

3. Accent Cabinet

Similar to the accent chair, the accent cabinet aims to draw out a specific aesthetic quality of the living room. In this case, the accent cabinet above features wood with an aged texture, adding some complexity and maturity to the area beneath the window in this living room. What’s more, accent cabinets are also functional! Allowing you to store items if you need to.



4. Console Table

Unlike accent cabinets and chairs, a console table serves a more spartan purpose. It stands alone, and it should take up a large area of space to impose it’s identity in the living room. Various ornaments can be used as decoration upon the console table, and some console tables can even be highly functional, storing books or other items. As the possible focal point of the living room, the selection of a console table can be very important!


These are just some of the many types of furniture pieces you can use to decorate your living room. Are you searching for ideas to decorate your living room? Can’t seem to get an idea of what you want? Check out our suggestions for sofa textures and moods to give you some direction!