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5 Ways to Set Your Armchairs for Instagram!

5 Ways to Set Your Armchairs for Instagram!

5 Ways to Set Your Armchairs for Instagram!


While professional interior design may be difficult, there are a huge variety of simple DIY interior design tips that will do wonders for the atmosphere of your living space. Interior design doesn’t have to be complicated and severe! Following a few simple rules of design and color, you won’t believe how easy it is to transform your space!

Fella Design has just launched our brand new Gem Series of armchairs! So let’s take them as an example. While a little featureless on their own, armchairs can be delightful when paired with the right furniture and accessories. It is simply a matter of having an eye for some basic design rules.


1. Color Accents

Color plays a huge role in the atmosphere of an interior setting. To illustrate, this is how a simple beige armchair can be made a part of a beautiful setting simply by using color accents as highlights. In vogue now are armchairs with plain fabrics and patterned cushions that color match surrounding furniture and accessories. Using a bright color like yellow can really make the accents stand out. In our example, the yellow geometric patterns on the cushion, the sunflowers, the pineapple accessory on the accent cabinet in the background alongside the mustard yellow photo frame, the large yellow standing lamp, and of course, the huge yellow mood painting, complement each other and by contributing to the color accent. In the end, this lifts the armchair out of the ordinary and into a brighter, livelier space.


armchairyellow armchair

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2. Naturalistic

Green is a favourite color of Malaysians because green is the color of our Islamic festivals! Here’s how you can make a simple, basic green armchair stand out naturally through the use of color accents, plants and tropical prints. Pairing the base pastel green with an earthy wooden color in the acacia console table at the back, the exposed scandinavian legs of the end table and the lamp shade, provides the context for this naturalistic setting. The vases with green geometric print and the lamp with the green glass body give the accent its character, but the element that truly contributes to the naturalistic aspect are the Monstera Deliciosa tropical print canvases in the background – a really popular aesthetic this season!

armchair  tropical design

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3. Industrial

Industrial interior design is a popular style nowadays, partly because its in fashion, but also partly because its cheap! Industrial design involves the use of raw, edgy, manufactured materials like steel, glass, wood and cement. Bright colors don’t go well with industrial designs. The colors used are often darker, edgier or in grayscale. Furniture with exposed steel, carpets or cushions with geometrical designs and interior accessories lined with gold, rose gold or silver trim are perfect elements of industrial design. Don’t forget to use plants that aren’t brightly coloured! In our example, we transform this beautiful, modest dark blue armchair into a stark centrepiece for an industrial-styled work corner. Using simple elements like geometric carpets and cushions, rustic plants, gold decor accessories and oil paintings of a modern skyline, you can achieve the bold, imposing style of industrial design just like that!



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4. Feminine

To add a feminine touch, pastel colors and white will do the job for you! Although this lovely pastel blue armchair with chesterfield buttons seems rather muscular on its own, when complemented with the right accessories and furniture, it demonstrates a remarkable flexibility to exude a sophisticated femininity too! Turquoise highlights in the vases and throw accentuate the pastel blue while adding some complexity to the palette, while a white end table and burnished off-white accent cabinet rounds out the mood. The final feminine touch arrives in the form of white display flowers and a couple of simple canvases in the back!



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5. Rustic

Earthy, wooden colors like beige, brown, cream and gray are perfect colors to create a rustic atmosphere. Using exposed wood in furniture, like in the quaint Indian end table, modern industrial bookcase and side table, communicate a rawness in the style. This is complemented by the glass pots containing plants with muted colors, a lamp wrapped around with knotted rope and various accessories! Setups like these are perfect for homes with a lot of wooden furniture, as it carries and accentuates the style very well. Read our guide on how to buy wooden furniture! If you decide to go for color accents on earthy tones, remember to go for bright Indian yellows or oranges!


armchair  rustic setting

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We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to go home and add some spice to your own interior spaces! Interior design is not so difficult after all. With a little knowledge and a magical touch, the most ordinary furniture can seem perfectly articulated and beautiful!

There is so much freedom to do whatever you want with your space! Fella Design designed our new armchair series in this same spirit. Check them all out on the Gem Series product launch page! Be your own designer today!