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The Right Bed for the Right Person

The Right Bed for the Right Person


For most people, a third of the day is spent within the bedroom. It is the first room you find yourself in when you wake up, it’s also the last room you go to when you sleep. In Malaysia and most of the world, while the living room is known as a “family room”, the bedroom is seen to  be a more personal space. This is especially the case for kids and teenagers growing up. Whenever they had friends over they would invite them by saying come on up to ‘my room’.

The bedroom would often be furnished with all sorts of furniture specific to the person’s tastes and preferences. For example a booklover would have a bookshelf or two within the room and a gamer might have a computer or some action figures lying around. Within this room there lies a core piece of  furniture that is indispensable to it’s functiona bed. If an average person spends 8 hours a day sleeping (a third of the day), while assuming they live up till 90 years old, it would compute to 30 years spent sleeping! A third of our lives! With that in mind, picking the right bed is extremely important.

Bed designs come in all shapes and sizes. There are king sized beds, queen sized beds, double-deckers, twin beds, singles, beds with headboards, beds with mosquito netting frames, beds with wooden frames, steel frames and many more. Thus, trying to pick a suitable one for your bedroom can be a daunting task to many. We at Fella Design have spent many years helping customers pick the right bed and we have come up with a few simple tips to consider when choosing your own bed.

double decker bed

Double decker beds may help families with smaller homes save space.


1. Number of Occupants

One of the questions to answer when choosing a bed is the number of people sleeping in the room. Is it for a single boy or girl, a couple, or a single adult? When considering multiple occupants in a room, there is a need to consider multiple beds, double-decker bunk beds or even a single large king sized bed for a couple.

In certain countries where houses are smaller and cannot accommodate for children to have their own rooms, parents may choose to have bunk beds. This bed’s core design is to save space by layering two beds on top of each other. Bigger house owners may consider getting two single beds instead of a bunk bed. This allows the room’s ceiling to feel taller and more spacious. For single occupants they may prioritize having more room space, in which case, getting a single bed or a queen sized bed to sleep more comfortably. Couples may also consider between a queen sized bed or a king sized bed; one providing more space than the other. Which then brings us to our next point—size.


king size bedqueen size bed

Difference between a king sized bed and a queen sized bed.

2.  Size

There is a lot of controversy regarding the term “size matters”. The size of the bed, however, truly matters when considering which bed to choose. Obviously everyone prefers the “bigger is better” theory, however it is also important to consider the size of the room and the desired space for other bedroom furniture within the room. Getting a room measured before shopping for furniture is a very important thing to do as the bedroom sets are usually ready made and may not fit into your room. The difference between a king sized bed and a queen sized bed may be only a few inches, but those few inches may determine if you are able to fit that bedside table in your room or not.

In the event that you do have space to spare in your room, it is good to consider something other than a single bed. Not only will this allow you to stretch and turn as much as you like, having the extra bed space will also prevent bad sleeping posture which will in turn help prevent backaches.

3. Price

From rags to riches, the prices of bedroom sets may also range anywhere from a few hundreds to tens of thousands. Obviously the more you pay the better set you will get; you get what you pay for. But there are also people who are looking for affordable bedroom sets without spending a bomb.

A few tips regarding an affordable bedroom set would be to consider getting the display sets. Sure, a couple of people may have lain on it before, but with a change of bedsheets, it might as well be good as new. Another tip is to not be brand conscious, sure there are many high end brands out there providing the slickest, most expensive bedroom sets. Here at Fella Design however, we provide quality bed sets at an affordable price. Do drop by one of our many store locations to have a look for yourself!

comfortable bed

A comfortable bed will help promote better sleeping habits and postures.


4. Comfort

When you’re home after a long day at work and all you want to do is take a shower and sleep, a comfortable bed is the most welcoming thing you’ll look forward to. Comfortable however is a very subjective term. It is important to choose what you personally like and not let someone decide for you. This is because, ultimately, you will be the one sleeping on it every night. What one person likes may not be the same as another. Some may prefer a hard, firm bed while others prefer to sink into eternal fluffiness.

5. Hit the Stores!

Now that we have planned out what sort of beds we are looking for, it is time to head out shopping! Although almost everything can be done on the internet these days, but purchasing a bed is not a thing that should be done online. Instead it is advisable for you to visit brick-and-mortar shops and outlets to have a look and feel for what bed options they offer!

6. Feel the Bed

When we are finally at the shop deciding on which bed to pick, don’t just look at the many bed options that are provided. Sure, a bed has to look pretty and nice but ultimately it comes down to how it feels. Therefore it is also important that you try lying down on it and experiencing how it feels instead of just looking at it.

7. Mattress, Pillows and Blankets

The last thing that plays an important deciding factor for comfort in bedroom designs are the things that go on a bed itself. Additions such as mattresses, pillows, comforters, bed covers, blankets and quilts etc., also play a big role in the comfort of one’s sleep. Some may even say it plays a bigger role than the bed itself, therefore it is important to give some thought as to what kind of pillows and comforters you may want.


Finding the right bed for the right person isn’t easy! Browse our beds and find the right one for you today!