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Top 5 Tips for Decorating Small Bedrooms

small bedroom

Top 5 Tips for Decorating Small Bedrooms


Countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore have been known for skyscrapers and tall buildings due to the limited land that they have. In recent times, developers and interior designers have made plenty of studies regarding small bedrooms and living spaces. Due to the constant influx of young adults entering the workforce and moving out from the luxury of their parent’s home, many now require a bedroom of their own in the city to sleep in at night.


capsule hotel

A Capsule Hotel in Japan, which provides small “capsule” rooms for guests.


Let’s take Tokyo as an example. Within the beautiful, culture-rich country of Japan lies one of the leading metropolis in technological advancement—Tokyo. Tokyo has been a city with many high-rise apartments and small housing due to the growing population. This intense struggle for space has given birth to capsule hotels where guests are given a small pod with only a small bed inside to sleep on.

If you have ever been to cities with low land space per capita like Tokyo or Hong Kong, you will understand that having a small living space such as an apartment or a small house does not equate to having an ugly home. This does, however, require some creativity and innovation in utilizing space to help improve the living atmosphere. Here are some tips to help transform your small bedroom into a cozy yet luxurious crib to enjoy your nights.


bedroom with mirror

Mirrors on the doors of the closet helps double the visual space of a bedroom.

1. Mirror-Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are perfect additions to bedrooms. They allow people to view reflections of themselves when appraising their daily wardrobe. That said, mirrors are not only meant for the purpose of fashion. In many cases, mirrors are used by interior designers as space magnifiers. By placing a mirror in your bedroom, it creates an illusion of having a bigger room.


bed with storage drawer

Innovative storage drawer placed under the bed to help save space.

2. Creative Storage

Wardrobes, cupboards and drawers are common features of any bedroom. Everyone needs to store clothing or accessories afterall. The trick to saving floor space in your bedroom is by storing things in your bed! As all rooms require a bed without a doubt, it is the one piece of furniture that cannot be replaced in a room. As such, the space under your bed will always be there whether you put it to use or not. Storing your clothing under your bed for safekeeping until you need them is a sure-fire way to saving space in your bedroom.


loft bed

Loft beds help to save space by intelligently using vertical space.

3. Maximizing Space

When it comes to maximizing space, loft beds are one the most interesting and efficient pieces of furniture. This is due to it’s ability to collapse both work space and bed space into a single dimension—Height, which is rarely utilized. Living vertically not only saves the need for having your bed and work space separated but it also allows you to be creative with storage spaces such as boxes within the loft bed frames, or storage drawers as makeshift stairs.  


wall alcoves

Using alcoves as bookshelves, this bedroom provides a storage space without the need for external shelves.

4. Alcoves, Wall Niches and Built-ins

You probably can see the trend by now: the less visible your furniture, the more space you are able to have in your bedroom! By creating a little space within the wall or what professionals like to call “alcoves or wall niches”, you are able to create a storage space that is part of the wall and save floor space. Another approach to this would be to have a built-in drawer or cabinet which serves as part of the wall itself. All these space maximizing tricks, however, require a little investment to have a professional install them. Another drawback towards installation of spaces such as these would be that it cannot be altered easily. Say you feel like having a change of layout, the hole in the wall or the built-in cupboard you installed will limit the kind of changes you’re able to make. Therefore a little planning is required before committing to picking up your phone and calling your favorite interior designer or contractor.


5. Bed Placement

Now, in most bedroom design articles found online, it is always advised to place the bed in the centre of your bedroom. This, however, will create some drawback in the case of a small bedroom. Due to the absence of space, we will deviate from the traditional and opt to push our bed towards one wall or corner. This not only creates a more cozy atmosphere for sleeping; you also have something to lean on when you’re curling up beside the wall.



When it comes to choosing the right bed for your bedroom there are a whole variety of factors to look out for. A small bedroom differs in requirement from other rooms as we have the limitation of space. Due to the limited space, every inch counts in our planning. Therefore, forget about fancy bed frames and headboards, the most important factor when picking a bed for a small bedroom is that the bed cannot exceed the parameters of the mattress. Another good factor to consider is the height of the bed. As mentioned above, the further it is from the ground, the more storage space you have under your bed. In the case of a loft bed your entire workspace can be placed under your bed saving you a ton of space. If you need more tips on how to pick the right bed, check out our other article “The Right Bed for the Right Person”!